Perfect Shop

An easy-to-use, responsive, incredible simple, multi-language
e-commerce system that can be configured like an Online
Shop, B2B, Ordering System, or Catalog
without any help from a professional designer.


PERFECT SHOP has all the features needed for a Shop, B2B, Ordering system, or Catalog system: multi-language, multi-currency, multiple levels of prices for partners, orders, customers, vouchers, promotions, payment in different currencies, payment via PayPal or card, shipping costs by zones.

You can sell products, services, courses, training, webinars, e-books, users being able to add products, access links or downloadable products in the same basket.

PERFECT SHOP is integrated with PERFECT CRM so the registered customers are copied automatically in CRM leads or accounts, your customers' Orders can be moved in Quotations where you can generate new quotations with modified items' prices or quantities, and from customers' Orders you can generate directly CRM Opportunities or you can generate withdrawal documents in PERFECT INVENTORY.

perfect shop admin

  • One day setup
  • Multi-language
  • 4 partner levels
  • Multi-currency
  • Categories, Attributes
  • Paypal, Card payment
  • Vouchers, Promotions
  • Shipping zones

shop admin

content settings

You can set web system type, theme color, language dictionaries, shipping zones, negative inventory, menu configuration, shop links, SEO, and attribute sets.
For the menu options, [About Us] and [Services], that you display, you have to introduce the menu option text blocks. Using these blocks we are building HTML pages. These HTML pages, together with their slider or photo headers, are linked with their correspondent Menu option. You can preview anytime the menu pages using Preview Content button. If you set a multi-language Shop, you need to introduce the text blocks and their titles for each language.


Here you follow the orders stages, payment settings, and status, vouchers, shipment, currencies, cancel or not order, and sales total for different periods of time.
If you are using a multi-language Shop, you need Stages and Status, translated in Applications Dictionaries, for each language.
You can move an Order to Quotations, and make a customized Quotation, for the customer. You can generate new Opportunities, based on Orders, or you can generate Withdrawal Documents, or Invoices.


The shipping cost can be calculated by Countries or Countries/Counties based on many forwarders rates. You can use as many forwarders as you want and their rates. The shipping calculation cost can be set: initial value or initial value plus weight or volumetric weight. For Free Shipping you have to set the minimum Order value that qualifies the Order for free shipping and the Products that are qualifying for free shipping.

multi-currency payment

You can define more currencies for your Shop. The Shop payment exchange rate currencies can have different values compared with the Perfect Campaigns currencies exchange rates due to specific rates of the payment gateways that can include other taxes. Customers can pay in multiple currencies as they like via Bank, Paypal, and Stripe gateway. The payment itself is redirected and done on the payment processor platforms so Perfect Campaigns doesn't have access to customers' data.

customers levels

You can work with up to 4 partner price levels at your choice that you can name as you like, for example, Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. You need a system with many price levels for B2B systems or when you like to offer better prices to customers that buy more products or services, like enterprises. The Coefficients Sets that are used to calculate the prices for each partner level are defined in the Suppliers menu. You can use more coefficient sets for the same supplier so you can adjust the prices in bulk as you like depending on the season, inflation, etc.


If it is more than one dictionary/language selected, the Perfect Shop platform will generate a menu option, Language, containing the selected languages. You can rename each menu option in the Application Dictionaries. If you set a shop in multiple languages, you must introduce the menu names, the product description, the page blocks titles, and the page blocks content for each language.

perfect shop front

  • More color themes
  • Minimum buttons
  • EU prices includes tax
  • Partner prices doesn't include tax
  • Configure and rename menus
  • Cart for one item or many items
  • Stock status
  • Automatic SEO

shop front


The front end of the shop can be customized including the header (logo, search field, email, phone, Landing, and Helpdesk buttons). On the first page of the shop, you can show, at your choice: All Products, Featured Products, Categories, or Brands. The menus can be customized, including languages, the product appearance, product information, attribute sets, and banners for the main page or product categories. If you have only a few products you can hide the filters on the right of the screen (categories, attributes, brands) and use only menu categories. The customers can place orders doesn't matter if they are registered or not.


Customers can follow the status of their orders, they can copy the order to another order, modify it if it is the case, and place a new one. If the Shop is set like Catalog, the Payment and the Shipping modules will be hidden. If the Shop is set with payment before order confirmation, the Customer will be redirected first to the payment module. If the payment is unsuccessful the order will be deleted.


If you choose to have a multi-currency system the prices will appear in hot currency and base currency as well. For End Customers, the prices will include the tax. For Partners, the prices will be w/o tax according to their level of partnership. Optional, RRP prices are available. The customers can choose to pay in more currencies of their choice (if you set more currencies and their exchange rates). The payment can be done before order confirmation (for B2C setup) or after order confirmation (for B2B setup). The Catalog or Ordering systems can be set without a payment system. Prices can be adjusted by promotions that can be set like a percent or fixed amount discount. The promoted products' prices will be marked in red color. Promotions have to be set for each product.


You can issue vouchers for your customers for a certain period of time. For example, if a customer paid for a product and the product doesn't exist in stock, you can issue a voucher and the customer can place another order deducting the voucher value. You can generate vouchers for all registered customers. You can generate vouchers automatically for the customers that are registering further as well. Customers can choose only one voucher for an Order. The used voucher's value has to be lower than the Order value. The vouchers will be issued in base currency.

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