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PERFECT SHOP is an easy to use, responsive, incredible simple multi-language e-commerce system that can be configured like a Shop, B2B, Ordering or Catalog.

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PERFECT SHOP has all the features needed for a Shop, B2B, Ordering system or Catalog system: multi-language, multi-currency, multiple level of prices for partners, orders, customers, vouchers, promotions, payment in different currencies, payment via PayPal or card, shipping costs by zones.

perfect shop admin

  • One day setup
  • Multi-language
  • 4 partner levels
  • Multi-currency
  • Categories, Attributes
  • Paypal, Card payment
  • Vouchers, Promotions
  • Shipping zones

shop admin

content settings

You can set: web system type, theme color, language dictionaries, shipping zones, negative inventory, menu configuration, attributes sets.


Here you follow the orders stages, payment, vouchers, shippment, cancel or not an order, total sales for different periods of time.


The shipping cost can be calculated by Countries or Countries/Counties based on many forwarders rates. The shipping calculation cost can be set: initial value or initial value plus weight or volumetric weight.

multi-currency payment

Customers can pay in multiple currencies via: Bank, Paypal, PayU gateway. The web system payment currencies can have different values comparing with the main system due to specific rates of the payment systems.

customers levels

You can work with up to 4 partner price levels at your choice that you can name as you like: Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.


For a better communication with your partners you can set up a Chat window. You can follow the conversations in the chat system windows.

perfect shop front

  • More color themes
  • Minimum buttons
  • EU prices includes tax
  • Partner prices doesn't include tax
  • Configure and rename menus
  • Cart for one item or many items
  • Stock status
  • Chat

shop front


The front end of the shop can be customised. The menus can be customised, languages, the product appearance, attributes sets, banners for main page or products categories.


Customers can follow their orders status, they can copy the order to another order, modify it if it is the case, and place a new one.


If you choose to have a multi-currency system the prices will appear in hot currency and base currency as well. For End Customers the prices will include the tax. For Partners the prices will be w/o tax.


You can issue vouchers for your customers. For example if a customer paid a product and the product doesn't exist in stock, you can issue a voucher and the customer can place another order.