referral program

Have you ever wondered how to earn money with Perfect Campaigns?
It's easier than you think!

referral program.

1. Your Benefit

For each customer referred to Perfect Campaigns, earn 15% of their purchases.

2. Explore Perfect Campaigns

First, explore our Licensing Plans, our Platform Modules, and the Presentation Videos in order to understand the value of the products that you plan to recommend.
Register and explore the platform itself together with the Example online applications (Perfect Landing, Perfect Shop, or Perfect Helpdesk). Explore our licenses Shop to understand the ordering system.
If you like to open in the same time the Perfect Campaigns platform and an online application (Landing Example, Shop Example, or Helpdesk Example), use two different browsers, open the platform in Google Chrome and the applications in MS Edge. All applications are optimized for all newer browsers.
If you like to open in the same time two applications (Perfect Landing, Perfect Shop, or Perfect Helpdesk) of two different accounts, use two different browsers for them, as well. For the 2nd browser, you can use a mobile device (tablet, phone).
The platform and the applications are using the same browser variables (like apps colors theme for example), and, if they are not separated some information can migrate from one app to another.

3. Your Referral Link

If you are registered in Perfect Campaigns, you can find the Referral Program together with your unique Referral Link in the menu Settings/Referral Program. The ways you can register Referred Customers in the program are:
Automatic: Under the Referral Program, you get a unique referral link generated for you, which you can use to automatically recommend the Perfect Campaigns platform to potential customers by sending messages or posting ads containing pictures that have attached your Referral Link. When the customers click on the picture they will be redirected to our Referral Program form where they can go further to our New User registration form.
Manual: You can also register potential customers manually in the Referred Customers menu, only if they are already registered in the Perfect Campaigns platform and, of course, if they have not yet been registered by someone else in the Referral Program.
Dynamic: 1) If you are able to send emailings where you build the email message using each customer's information, you can easily concatenate the Referral Link with each customer's email address and attach the resulting link to an embedded photo. When your customer will click on the photo, he will be transferred to the Referral Program form. At the same time we'll insert his email address to Referral Customers, into your account. From our Referral Program form, the customers can go further to our New User registration form.
2) If you are not able to send such customized emailing from your system, you can use our Email Campaigns system (Tools Menu) and do the job in a few easy steps. First, if you don't have a paid account on our platform, get a Free License and introduce your basic information including the Email server that you want to use for the Email Campaign . Import your customers' email addresses into Leads and generate a Marketing List. Choose one of the ready-made referral photos made by us (Settings Menu/Referral Program Download Kit) or design a new one and insert it into a new Photo Album. Create an Email Template (your newsletter body). In the Email Template form, Referral tab, select the new Photo Album that has the referral photo that will have attached the referral link and the customer email. Test the system using a test Marketing List containing 1 or 2 email addresses. Send the Email Campaign and wait to see which customers click your Referral Photo and arrive at the Referral Program form. All of them will be inserted in the Referred Customers. From the Referral Program form, they can go to the Perfect Campaigns website to learn more about the platform or to the platform New User subscription form to subscribe. If they'll place orders, the orders will be allocated to you.
For the orders placed from the date of registration of your Referred Customer in the Perfect Campaigns platform (either through the referral link or manually), you will receive a commission of 15% of the payments, that the customers will perform for the use of the Perfect Campaigns service.

4. Ready Made Adds

Use our ready-made referral ads package, which you can find and download in the Referral Program menu, with ready-to-go images/banners that can be used in emails, websites, or even Facebook or Google Ads campaigns. Don’t forget to attach your Referral Link to images or banners.

5. Get Your Money

Once you have reached a commission value of 150 Euro, you can ask for a Commission Agreement, in order to be paid. Select the Qualified Orders in the Referral Program menu and click the button [Wish Commission]. Read our Referral Program together with our Terms and Conditions for a detailed description of the process.

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