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From Perfect Campaigns Shop you can order the license you need to develop your marketing and sales projects.

step 1. Evaluate

In order to start the evaluation of our platform's features please register in our platform and Login. As soon you get inside you can browse our Example database where are available all modules. Your editing rights are limited so you can not damage anything. All the modules have data so you can easily understand how the information is organized.

step 2. Free Trial

If you think the platform is what you want, order a Free Trial license where you can introduce your own data, test all the features, make exports, advanced searches, charts, Gantt and calendars.

The Free Trial license is free for 3 months. In order to obtain the Trial license go to Perfect Campaigns Shop where you can add your free license to a cart and proceed to checkout. The person that is placing the order for the Trial license will be your account Admin. After account setting confirmation from our side, the account Admin can invite other colleagues of yours to join this account. The colleagues have to be registered on the platform before sending the invitations. As soon your colleagues are registered, when they do Login again they'll access your account.

The Trial is available only for Perfect CRM. If you like to order your own Landing Page, Shop, Helpdesk you have to pay the licenses in advance as soon this process needs individual server settings (the settings make the connection of the front modules to your domain or your website buttons or links). Anyway the Back office of the Landing Page, Shop, Helpdesk is managed from the platform. If you like to experience the Front of them you can use Landing Example, Shop Example, Helpdesk Example.

step 3. Order

If you like the platform and you want to continue using it, before your Trial is expiring, you can place another order for the modules you want to use. The licenses can be ordered for periods of 3 months. Please read our Terms and Conditions before ordering.


Perfect Campaigns gives you the best output at the lowest investment that fills all your needs. You can order any combination of the following modules.


Perfect CRM

Marketing Campaigns, Campaigns generator, Gantt charts, Contacts, Marketing Lists, Multi-pipeline CRM, Kanban display, Sellers Activities, KPI, Email/SMS/Whatsapp/Calls Campaigns, Many integrations, Html templates.

starting from 19 Euro/user/month


Perfect Landing

DIY website generator, Multi Languages, Dictionaries, Subscription Form, Terms page, Color themes.

starting from 7 Euro/user/month


Perfect Shop

The DIY e-commerce platform can be configured like a: Catalog/Ordering System/B2B/Shop, Modular design, Multi-currency, 4 price levels for partners, Color themes, Automatic promotions, Payments: Stripe, Paypal, Shipment: multi-shipping zones, Vouchers, Order management, HTML templates for documents.

starting from 12 Euro/user/month


Perfect Helpdesk

Support tickets management platform, Users groups, Canned messages, Login or free access, Html templates for tickets and documents, Knowledge Base, Tree architecture, Articles, and Youtube videos.

starting from 8 Euro/user/month


Perfect Inventory

Stock management platform, Many warehouses, Beginning inventory, Ending inventory, End of period, 4 price levels for partners, FIFO, LIFO, WAC.

starting from 5 Euro/user/month

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