Perfect Landing

An easy-to-use, responsive, incredible simple platform
that is helping you generate your own responsive,
multi-language, multi-color website or landing page
without any help from a professional designer.


Set your menus, select some photos and build your own web pages using a simple HTML editor (an editor similar to MS Word). For a better user experience, you have a desktop version and a mobile version of the web pages. The platform supports multi-languages having built-in dictionaries that you can select.
The newly generated website will be hosted by us and will be accessed by your customers via your web domain name or another link.

Let's say you have the company webpage, but you would like to have, for each marketing campaign, a dedicated landing page, where you can capture the campaign's leads. In this case, using Perfect Campaigns, you can build in no time, a landing page, that you can link with the company webpage or any other link.

PERFECT LANDING can be configured like a Landing page, Website, or Blog. You can use PERFECT LANDING like a Contact Form, Newsletter Form, or Event Form to capture leads.

PERFECT LANDING is integrated with PERFECT CRM so the registered customers are copied automatically into the CRM's leads.

perfect landing admin

  • One day setup
  • Multi-language
  • Structured menus
  • Dictionaries import
  • List order for menus
  • Prospects Admin
  • Custom registration email
  • Terms and conditions

landing admin

content settings

You can set theme color, languages, your logo, menus configuration and headers (sliders or fix photo, headers sliders/photos height).
For the main menu there are 5 options that you can use with the following default names. [Home], [About Us], [Services], [Products], [Blog].
For each menu option that you display, [Home], [About Us], [Services], [Products] you have to introduce the menu option text blocks. Using these blocks we are building HTML pages. These HTML pages, together with their slider or photo headers, are linked with their correspondent Menu option. You can preview anytime the menu pages using Preview Content button.

content library

It is a library of HTML design elements that you can use to make beautiful pages. You need only to copy the elements from the library and paste them in your pages blocks, for both desktop and mobile view. If you set a multi-language Landing page, you need to make the translation for each language.


You can select different dictionaries for your multi-language website. If it is more than one dictionary/language selected the Perfect Landing platform will generate a menu option, Language, containing the selected languages.
You can rename each menu option in the Application Dictionaries. If you set a landing page in multiple languages, you must introduce the menu names, page blocks names, and page blocks content for each language.

registration form

You have a fully functional registration form for new prospects/customers. The form is GDPR compliant having 2 opt-in selectors for Newsletters and/or Promotions. If you purchased the CRM module as well, the customers will be copied in Leads automatically.
You can browse the new customers and communicate with them using our CRM Tools (emailing, SMS, Whatsapp, Calls campaigns).

perfect landing front

  • More color themes
  • Minimum buttons
  • Change Languages
  • Helpdesk, Shop buttons
  • Configure header and footer
  • Configure menus
  • Blog
  • Footer links

landing front


The website is fully responsive regarding the screen. You can change anytime the color schemes, the header banners, activate/inactivate menu options, or webpage blocks. You can use the Perfect Landing link to attach the newly generated webpage to a web domain or to your main webpage if you have already one. Also, you can introduce the link directly into a newsletter or social media post to acquire more customers in case you would like to use Perfect Landing as a contact form.


Perfect Landing has a fully functional blog where you can post articles for your customers regarding your activity, case studies, latest newsletters content, new advertising photos or articles, press releases, company or personal events, new achievements, certifications, etc. The articles have a title, a photo, a date, and an HTML text description block. You can organize the articles by type and category.


In the main menu, your visitors can select one of the languages that you set for your website. The header, the menu, and all the content will be displayed in the selected language.

terms and conditions

There is a special page, Terms and Conditions, where you can publish your terms and conditions related to the website usage. This page can be linked in the footer of your web pages.

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