Perfect Inventory

A professional inventory system, very easy to use,
that is working with many warehouses,
customizable document types, lots, etc.

In business terms, inventory management means the right stock, at the right levels, in the right place, at the right time.


PERFECT INVENTORY helps you source, store, and sell inventory—both raw materials (components) and finished goods (products).
The system generates Purchase Orders considering the set minimum stock, transfers automatically the Purchase Orders in Entry documents, and split the taxes or shipment cost per Entry document item, considering different criteria (weight, volume, item numbers, etc).
The Shop finalized Orders and the CRM Quotations can be transferred to Inventory withdrawal documents. Invoices are issued together with the withdrawal documents.
Perfect Inventory can be used with Lots when you have items with an expiration date.
You can reserve items for different periods of time in different warehouses.

perfect inventory

  • Easy setup
  • Powerful business intelligence
  • Charts, Advanced Search
  • Exports in all formats
  • Integrated with Perfect Shop
  • QR Codes
  • Stock refill
  • Automatic transfer

inventory management

system settings

Accounts are Companies or Persons with all the needed information filled (names, address, email, company name, bank accounts, industry field, etc).
You can set the inventory type (FIFO, LIFO, WAC), you can customize the Templates for Documents, you can work with many Warehouses, you can define Documents Types, set Lots and expiration Dates to track each item's availability, and customize the Inventory Documents as you like.
The inventory is updated at every item movement.

stock movements

There are more items movent that you can document in Perfect Inventory. Purchase Orders from Supplier in many currencies, Entry Documents, Withdrawal Documents, Transfer Documents, Automatic transfer of the Purchase Orders in Entries, Automatic generation of Invoices from Withdrawal Documents, transfer of the Shop Finalized Orders or CRM Quotations in Withdrawal documents, and Invoice generation.


There are available powerful reports for every type of inventory movement. You can filter, sort, group, summarize, and export the reports in any format (Excel, PDF, JSON, XML, etc). The system is doing complex calculations to determine: the Beginning Inventory, the Ending Inventory, the End of the Period, etc. After running the End of the Period report, the Ending Inventory will become the Beginning Inventory, and the period documents will be marked ARHIVE.
The items stock in Inventory is synchronized with the Products stock. If you have a Shop where you use the items stock but you didn't purchase the Inventory module, you need to import the stock every day from Excel in order to keep an accurate inventory availability.


The exit documents have all the invoices data so you can track not only the stock items but the invoices values. The invoice template can be set as you like.

perfect catalog

  • Easy setup
  • Own online catalog/shop platform
  • Products import
  • Exports in all formats
  • Suppliers, Brands
  • Price coefficients
  • Multi-currency prices
  • Tax for each product



Set products' weights, lengths, text attributes (like colors, white, red, blue), value attributes (like warranty, 12 months, 24 months, etc), brands, taxes, categories, subcategories, and sub-subcategories. The brand logo that you add in Brands will be used to replace automatically the product photo in the case that is missing. The taxes will be set for each product according to the countries' legislation regarding the companies or persons.


You can add for each supplier, his details, the contact persons, the supplier's currency together with the cost and price coefficients. For product cost calculation you have cost coefficient sets that help you modify in no time the cost of all products. For product selling prices you can have up to 4 partner levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc., and more coefficient sets to adjust prices on the fly. In such a way you can keep a healthy margin for the whole catalog without modifying product prices one by one. You need to know the products' margin for marketing campaigns' ROI calculation. There is available a FAST EDIT menu option where you can edit the cost and prices for large amounts of products or for products imported from Excel, XML, or JSON.


Products have many settings like partner price levels, price coefficients, currencies, weight, length, attributes, categories, attached files, photos number, and specs fields number. There are switches for active products, online products, accounting products, export products, etc. You can select products to build and export in all formats (Excel, XML, Word, PDF, etc.) customized price lists. There is available a FAST EDIT menu option where you can edit bulk large amounts of products.

perfect shop

You can set up a full-featured multi-language online system that can be configured like a shop, B2B, ordering system, or catalog to display your products or services online.


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