Our integration partners for
Email/SMS/Whatsapp/Calls Campaigns
and Payments

Perfect Campaigns is cooperating with third-party cloud companies to provide you a full range of tools to build your marketing campaigns. These services are not free and have to be paid according to each provider's licensing plan.


step 1. Evaluate

Access our integration partners' platforms and evaluate their services. Check their payment plans, terms, conditions and choose the best for you.

step 2. Sandbox

Each provider offers Free Trial programs. Introduce the API Sandbox credentials in our platform and start testing their services.

step 3. Production

When you are convinced that one provider is the best option for you, choose a licensing plan and start working in the production environment.

Email SMTP integration

You can integrate Perfect Campaigns platform with any SMTP server.
Even is not recommended, you can use your local email server for emailing campaigns. If you are sending more than 500 emails/day it is better to use a bulk email server. Otherwise you can be blacklisted and the emails will arrive in Junk folder.

Using Perfect Campaigns you have the advantage of sending emails from a Marketing List with more servers. If a subscription is finishing you can continue sending the emails using your local server or Gmail 500/day or Yahoo 100/day.

SMS integration

We choose the best price/performance SMS platforms for you.

Whatsapp integration

You can send Whatsapp messages to your customers to remind your promotions.

Voice Calls integration

Cloud Talk and Voip Studio are affordable easy to use platforms to call your customers.

Payments integration

PayPal and Stripe are well known international payment platforms.

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