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perfect campaigns.

a multi-module, multi-application platform

Perfect Campaigns is a complex SaaS software that assists you manage all the marketing, sales and support activities in one platform, from the marketing campaign you initiate to the customer's invoice.
The platform integrates the applications: Perfect CRM, Perfect Landing, Perfect Shop, Perfect Inventory, Perfect Invoice, and Perfect Helpdesk.

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Perfect Campaigns platform is a transformer that can be configured in different ways. The platform applications that can be used stand-alone or in different combinations, will help you achieve your goals like optimizing marketing campaigns, managing your contacts, building a solid product portfolio, doing sales and invoicing, creating Email/SMS/Whatsapp/Calls campaigns, managing your inventory, creating a landing page or website, selling online via a B2B or B2C shop or setting a helpdesk system for your customers.

perfect crm

Perfect CRM is a Customer Relationship Management application that helps you automatically manage your contacts, score and tag them, generate marketing lists considering their profile, make quotations, and follow the opportunities/deals you have with them. Perfect CRM is in the same time a comprehensive calculator that is showing your digital marketing campaigns' efficiency and is providing you the tools to improve them continuously. Perfect CRM provides you the tools to generate, Emailing, SMS, Whatsapp, and Calls Campaigns.

perfect inventory, perfect invoice

Perfect Inventory, Perfect Invoice are applications for inventory management and invoicing.

perfect landing, perfect shop, perfect helpdesk

Perfect Landing, Perfect Shop, and Perfect Helpdesk are online applications that help you improve your online presence, the customers' acquisition, and worldwide sales together with outstanding support for all your business partners.

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platform applications.


Perfect CRM

Is calculating the ROI (Return of Investment) based on the Marketing Campaigns cost and the Opportunities revenue grouping the Campaigns in Marketing Plans and the Opportunities in Pipelines, managing Activities (Leads Activities, Accounts Activities, Marketing List based Activities), Sales (Sellers KPI, Leads Scoring, Marketing Lists, Calendars), Products (Products Management, Suppliers, Price Lists and Quotations) and Emailing, SMS, Whatsapp, Calls Campaigns.


Perfect Landing

A DIY multi-language website/landing page generator that helps you make beautiful web pages without any designer.
Features: Multi Languages, Dictionaries, Subscription Form, Terms page, Color themes.


Perfect Shop

The DIY e-commerce platform can be configured like an online: Catalog/Ordering System/B2B/Shop.
Features: Modular design, Multi-currency, 4 price levels for partners, Color themes, Automatic promotions, Payments: Stripe, Paypal, Shipment: multi-shipping zones, Vouchers, Order management, HTML templates for documents.


Perfect Helpdesk

A cloud multi-language ticket management system that is including a knowledge base for your customers.
Features: Multi Languages, Users groups, Canned messages, Login or free access, Html templates for tickets and documents, Knowledge Base, Tree architecture, Articles, and Youtube videos.


Perfect Inventory

Stock management platform, Many warehouses, Beginning inventory, Ending inventory, End of period, 4 price levels for partners, FIFO, LIFO, WAC.


Perfect Invoice

An easy-to-use invoicing system integrated with Perfect CRM, Perfect Inventory and Perfect Shop that works with multiple currencies, customizable document types, etc.


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