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how to Start.

1. The Platform Components

Perfect Campaigns have the following modules: Perfect CRM that includes, Marketing Campaigns, Contacts, Sales, Catalog, Tools (Emailing, SMS, Whatsapp, Calls Campaigns), Perfect Inventory, Perfect Invoicing and the admin modules of Perfect Landing, Perfect Shop, and Perfect Helpdesk applications.

Perfect Landing (website generator), Perfect Shop (online shop generator), and Perfect Helpdesk (support tickets management system) are front applications that can be accessed online by your customers via a dedicated link.

You can order one or more modules or applications for your business in our Licenses Shop [Order License].

2. How the Applications Work

If you like to open in the same time the Perfect Campaigns platform and an online application (Perfect Landing, Perfect Shop, or Perfect Helpdesk), use two different browsers and open the platform in Google Chrome or Firefox and the application in MS Edge. All applications are optimized for all newer browsers for desktop screens or mobile. If you don't have the browsers installed, please do it.

If you like to open at the same time two applications (Perfect Landing, Perfect Shop or Perfect Helpdesk) of two different accounts, use two different browsers for them, as well. The platform and the applications are using the same browser variables (like apps colors theme for example), and, if they are not separated some session-related information can migrate from one app to another. You can use a mobile device like a 2nd browser (tablet or phone).

You can open in one browser all applications (Perfect Landing, Perfect Shop or Perfect Helpdesk) of the same account. They will open in one window/tag, one at a time. For the Perfect Campaigns platform use another browser.

3. Explore Perfect Campaigns

Open free an account in Perfect Campaigns [Login Perfect Campaigns]/New User

Explore our [Licensing Plans] and the [Presentation Videos] in order to understand the value and the features of the Perfect Campaigns software products.

Explore the platform itself after you register and login.

Explore the Example applications Landing Example, Shop Example, or Helpdesk Example [Landing, Shop, Helpdesk] to understand how to generate a landing page, an e-commerce shop or a helpdesk application.

Explore Perfect Campaigns Licenses Shop [Order License] to understand the ordering system and the available licenses that are suitable for you.

You can find the above links in the website footer,

4. Your Free Account

You can order a Free License [Order License] in order to access free your Account. The Free Account License is available only for the Perfect Campaigns platform.

Perfect Landing, Perfect Shop, Perfect Helpdesk don’t have a free license version as soon custom settings have to be done on the server in order to generate the customer access links.

You can try anytime the Example front applications Landing Example, Shop Example, or Helpdesk Example [Landing, Shop, Helpdesk] together with their Admin modules from Perfect Campaigns (Apps menu option) in order to learn how easy they can be set.

5. Participate at our Events

You can register and participate free at our Events (webinars, seminars, presentations). The Events list and the dates when they’ll take place is located in the Settings/Events menu.

6. Help

In the Perfect Campaigns platform, Settings menu, you can find our Help knowledge base that contains many presentation articles and videos in many languages. You can find a lot of answers there.

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