how to organize events
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Learn how to set up the Perfect Campaigns platform in order to organize events.

how to organize events.

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Campaigns Settings

Depending on the complexity of the event, you can set it as a Marketing Plan or a Marketing Campaign. Enter the Marketing Campaigns' Projects and Tasks. For example, a Marketing Project can be brochure printing which can include the Tasks: Brochure Design and Brochure Printing at the printing house. Each Task can have attached costs with its own Resources or with third parties (Providers). In our case, if the Design was made in-house, then it can be calculated a cost at a specified hourly rate for the respective Resource. The printing of brochures will have a cost given by the invoice issued by the printing house. Speakers who must be paid can also be a cost. The sum of all costs will be included in the ROI calculation together with the Revenues from ticket sales or sponsorships.
The ROI (Return of Investment) is automatically calculated for Marketing Campaigns and Projects.

Contacts Settings

You can enter Accounts or Leads. Accounts are Individuals or Companies that have all the data filled in. Leads can only have the email address filled in. Accounts can be Scored or Tagged in order to be able to filter them better. An example of a Tag can be the gender of the people, Men, Women. If you organize an event only for women, you can immediately filter the list of Accounts. You can generate various Marketing Lists containing Accounts and Leads filtered according to various criteria. These lists can be used for Emailing, SMS, Whatsapp, or 'click2call' Phone Calls directly from the platform.

Catalog Settings

Define in Products the types of tickets you want to sell or the types of sponsorships. For this, you must define before Categories, Attributes, Units of Measure, Taxes, etc. You can set the cost of the products to zero. The tickets will appear in Perfect Shop configured for online ticket sales. Once a ticket is purchased online, the customer can download the invoice anytime. Sponsorships can be used in Quotations/Proformas as products/services using various currencies defined in Currencies. Quotations can be exported to Invoices. Also in the Catalog, you can set Promotions either as a fixed value or as a percentage for the products/services offered. Promotions are automatically activated on the start date and disappear on the end date. Only one promotion can be applied to a product/service at a given time.

Sales Settings

If you have a sales team, you can set KPIs/goals for each Seller. You can set a generic Supplier for all products/services. In Sales, you can create Quotations/Proformas. Once paid, you can transfer them to Opportunities to track the margin generated, and/or you can transfer them to Invoices.

Tools Settings

Here you can set Email/SMS/Whatsapp/Phone calls campaigns for Marketing Lists or for individuals.

Perfect Landing

With Perfect Landing you can create the event website, possibly in several languages, in several colors, having at your disposal the main menu with, 4 options (Home, About Us, Services, Products), and a Blog option where you can publish various articles. You also benefit from a contact form, where you can capture those interested in the event. These contacts are transferred automatically in Leads once registered.

Perfect Shop

Set up Perfect Shop to sell tickets to your online event. The main menu has 2 options available (About Us, Services), an option for Products/Services, and an option for Promotions. The shop will be set with only 'one product in the basket', and with stock if you have a limited number of products/services. The price can be shown both in the base currency and in foreign currency. Payment is possible in any currency via PayPal or Stripe which are the biggest payment processors in the world. If you want to offer free invitations, generate a voucher with the value of the ticket for the people who qualify. Customers are automatically transferred to Leads once they register in the Shop.

Perfect Helpdesk

If you want to have a consistent, to-the-point dialogue with your customers, you can use the Perfect Helpdesk module together with the Knowledge Base. There, your customers can find out news about the event and of course generate tickets with questions, concerns, and remarks. Customers are automatically transferred to Leads once they register at the Helpdesk.

The beautiful part is that everything happens automatically, organized, and you can see at any moment the ROI of the event, how much you spent with the event, and how much you collected from ticket sales and sponsorships.

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