perfect  helpdesk


PERFECT HELPDESK is a multi-language full management system for support tickets that includes a knowledge base and SLA measurement tools.

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PERFECT HELPDESK can work with registered and/or not-registered users, can track tickets and measure SLA for each of them having a large collection of ready made: canned messages, system email templates, tickets email templates.

perfect tickets

  • Fast setup
  • Multi-language
  • Public/Private access
  • Set Messages Broadcasting
  • System Users Categories
  • Messages Types
  • 3 Priorities Levels
  • Tickets Status

tickets management

system settings

You can easily set: the way you accesss the system public/private, the groups to whom the email messages are forwarded, the way you assign the tickets manual/automatic, many color themes.

tickets settings

Set tickets priorities with the corresponding SLA time, tickets status (Assigned, Unassigned, Close, Solved, Replied, Forwarded, etc), message types.

messages types

Are available Canned messages for subscribers, System email templates, Tickets email templates for each ticket status.


The SLA time is showed in blue if the ticket was solved/closed in time, in red if the ticket is delayed or white if the ticket is not closed or solved.

perfect knowledge base

  • Tree Arhitecture
  • Search Options
  • HTML Format
  • Any Size
  • Articles Types
  • Articles Rating
  • Articles Top View
  • Articles Last View

knowledge base

why knowledge base

The knowledge base is very useful to deflect tickets opening. A well done database will help users to solve their problems by themselves.


There are more articles types and articles categories to organize the data base content in a tree structure.


The articles contain the information that will be delivered to your customers offering them a better experience using your products or services.

articles rating

Articles are presented in different ways using Article rating, Top viewed or Last viewed articles.