contacts workflow

How to generate new leads and accounts!

contacts workflow.

1. Generate Leads

The Marketing Campaigns module will help you generate new leads creating new marketing actions and also will help you manage each marketing project's leads. Customers traceability is very important. If you know the margin of your sold products or services to clients generated by a marketing project but also the cost of the marketing project, you can calculate the return on the money invested in each marketing project (the ROI, Return of Investment). It is essential to know how much it will cost to acquire a client and how much money it has generated for you in order to realize in the future only marketing campaigns that include projects that bring you money.

2. Leads and Accounts

Perfect Campaigns is working with Leads and Accounts. A Lead can have only an email address. An Account is a known customer that has an address, activity field, contact persons, company information, etc, so we can make a quotation for him. As soon you fill necessary data in Leads, you can transfer the Leads to Accounts.

3. Profile Accounts

The Contacts Module helps you profile acquired clients and generate customized marketing lists for each marketing action. If you profile your potential customers, you can grow them step by step from the stage of Visitor to the stage of invoiced Customer, you can communicate with them in a targeted way, you'll avoid sending messages with unnecessary information or offers that encourage them to unsubscribe, you'll be able to set clear targets for salespeople and the marketing department for each customer group, and you'll find the ways to continue selling to those who have already bought.
In Perfect CRM you can select customers by
- Address
- Field of Activity
- Function
- Customers Journey, which represents the stages of development of collaborative relationships with your clients (Visitor, Prospect if he has registered in the Shop, Landing or Helpdesk, Qualified for Marketing if he is part of a marketing list, Qualified for Sales if you already made an offer or he placed an order in the Shop, Customer if he has already purchased from you).
- Scoring Systems. You can set several scoring systems to profile customers according to various criteria, for example, by location, whether or not they have the budget to make a purchase, by time, whether they are in a hurry or not, by authority, if they have a decision position or not, etc. Depending on the score, the sellers can first approach those most likely to buy without wasting time with those who are undecided.
- Tags. You can give each client as many tags as you want to be able to select them as correctly as possible. Once profiled, you can use the Marketing List Generator to generate customized lists exactly as you want them for targeted actions.

4. Engage Leads and Accounts

Once the marketing lists for each target group of customers (leads and/or accounts) are generated, they can be used to contact customers either by Email/SMS/Whatsapp messages or by click2call phone calls depending on the set objectives. For Email/SMS/Whatsapp messages, you can use templates that you can create very easily using a built-in HTML editor. Later you can copy and modify them. For emailing, a footer that includes the unsubscribe link will have to be set in addition. In Perfect Campaigns, when a customer registers, he has 2 subscription options, for the Newsletter and separately for Promotions. The customer can subsequently unsubscribe from each of them depending on the type of email sent by you, Newsletter or Promotion. If the customer unsubscribes from the Newsletter, he can still remain active for Promotions. Campaigns can be copied and repeated without worry. The copy of the campaign can be sent again to all clients who have not unsubscribed from the marketing list to which the original campaign was sent.

5. Register and Measure the Activities

In the Activities module, all the activities of the Sellers in relation to the assigned clients (meetings, individual calls, visits, webinars) are recorded, including Email/SMS/Whatsapp/Calls campaigns that are automatically recorded. For example, if a seller calls a customer from the platform, the call will be automatically recorded as an activity for that seller. Moreover, the number of activities for a period of time can be tracked and can represent a KPI for the seller.

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