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Perfect Campaigns gives you the best output at the lowest investment that fills all your needs. Check Perfect Campaigns licenses online shop and choose the pricing plans that suits you best.


1 month


Here you can access the Perfect Campaigns Example to see how you can: set a campaign, manage the contacts, generate marketing lists, make quotations, manage opportunities, browse the catalog, etc.

To register like a New User click the link below PERFECT CAMPAIGNS EXAMPLE or My Account page or the User icon on the menu. Your rights to update or insert records are limited.

Browse the Online Catalog/Ordering/B2B/B2C clicking the link below.

Browse the Online Helpdesk clicking the link below.


3 months

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  • Order a trial for 3 months
  • in Perfect Campaigns shop
  • and work free with your own data
  • testing all the features
  • making exports, advanced searches
  • charts, Gantt, calendars.



$12 per month, per user

Check Perfect Campaigns licenses shop in order to Buy a License for Perfect Campaigns starting at 19$/month/user, for Perfect Shop.Catalog starting at 12$/month/user or for both starting at 25$/month/user.

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