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Perfect Campaigns

Campaigns, CRM, Catalog, Online Shop, Emails/SMS/Whatsapp/Calls

Perfect, is not about our platform.
Perfect is about your marketing campaigns that you can optimise up to


using our software.

why perfect campaigns?

Perfect Campaigns is a comprehensive "calculator" that is showing your digital marketing campaigns efficiency and is giving you the tools to improve them continuously

why every business needs it!

  • is very easy to understand and operate
  • is calculating the ROI based on Campaigns cost and Opportunities revenue
  • groups the Campaigns in Marketing Plans and Opportunities in Pipelines
  • you have a full module for: Leads Activities, Accounts Activities, Marketing List based Activities
  • is having additional instruments like: Sellers KPI, Leads Scoring, Marketing Lists, Calendars
  • is having powerful modules for: Products Management, Categories, Suppliers, Price Lists and Quotations
  • integrates modules for Emailing, SMS, Whatsapp, Calls campaigns
  • optional Perfect Shop that is an online system for: Catalog/Ordering/B2B/B2C


marketing plans

Each Marketing Plan contains many Marketing Campaigns each Marketing Campaigns having specific objectives in terms of leads number and revenue.

marketing campaigns

Each Campaign contains many Marketing Projects. The Campaigns can be built from scratch or can be generated using the Campaign Generator based on Top Projects.

marketing projects

Each Marketing Project contains many Tasks. Each Task have associated Costs generated by third parties or own resources.



Opportunities can be grouped in Pipelines. You can use Pipelines for different sales teams, products categories, etc.


The Opportunities have an Evaluation field, Deal Steps, Deal Won, Dates etc. For each Deal can have one or many Quotations.


The Quotations can be done using one currency or many currencies and include taxes. For each quotation item you have all the profitability indicators.

roi is king.

return of investment

Having the revenue from CRM and the cost from Campaigns you can calculate the ROI (Return of Investment) for every Marketing Project.

roi calculation

You can calculate the ROI for each Marketing Project, Campaign or Marketing Plan. ROI is the main indicator in Digital Marketing.

roi indicator

Only the ROI indicator shows which Marketing Projects were good and you can repet or which were bad and you can forget.

our features.

campaigns objectives

You can setup marketing campaigns with precise objectives like: new leads number, sales target, margin target and cost target.

campaigns generator

Based on previous marketing projects Return Of Investment the platform can generate a new Campaigns with all marketing projects and tasks you need.

A/B marketing projects

You can set up easy A/B marketing projects with different codes. You can compare the A/B projects ROI and adjust your marketing approach.


You can build and update in minutes beautiful product list with features like: 4 price levels, multi-currency, categories, photos, brands, multiple specs fields, etc.

account base marketing

You can set up in minutes custom campaigns that includes marketing projects that fits your customers profile. You can group the campaigns by marketing plans.

customer journey

The Customer Journey is done automatically by the system having 5 stages: Visitor, Prospect, Marketing Contact, Sales Contact and Customer.

perfect campaigns

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